donna summer - the unrelenting songs of the 1979 post-disco crash - cock rock disco(.com)

hyper real-sample mashups, with edited jerky breaks that smell of being swiped from a varied record collection, and a desire to say fuck off to the conventions of style. the closest comparison i can make is doormouse, "the album" or the have a few get some "s/t" LP with his combination of strange noises and stranger samples, hard beats and breaks, and also the ability to go from goat-throwing sample metal to tricked out jazz percusson in the bat of an eye. but i can also feel touches of hrvatski, stuntrock, and dirty,mashup pop remixing ala kid606, albiet not in a straightforward DSP+accapella style. aside from the comparisons though, the disk stands on its own flava, which absorbs everything in its path and expells something fresh and rocking'.

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