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Donna Summer - Fluxus Inc. 7"

With "fluxus, inc." Tonschacht presents the second 7" by donna summer aka jason forrest from brooklyn, ny - visual artist, musician and legendary radiodiscjockey of "advanced d & d" on new york's wfmu - after last year's "popxplosion" on broklyn beats, one of the finest tour-de-forces through the archive of popmusic since the invention of laptopmusic.on side a you'll get the breakbeat-/cut up-/plunderphonics-mixture which became already characteristic for donna summer - however, on "fluxus, inc." this wild eclecticism gets interrupted with voices that seem to come out of early film noir and passages of musique concrète which blur the boundaries between the sounds of digitalia and turntablism. This highly entertaining plagiarism will not only suit fans of hrvatski and dj/rupture. side b brings a very special collaboration between donna summer and david grubbs - in "awkward song of love" (almost 7:00 minutes long) donna summer's processing and twisted breaks are interacting with and reworking david grubbs' wonderful songwriting and improvisations on the acoustic guitar. a stunning mixture between the newest school of weird "electronics" and of the finest producers of contemporary avantrock which you defintiely never heard before."