Donna Summer - the unrelenting songs of the 1979 post-disco crash CD

four stars... five stars... i dunno what kind of scale we're using here, so just give this rude boy a buncha stars because it rocks out with its cock out. hardcore breaks & genre switchups at their finest. it's currently rivaling the new vsnares for my top album of the moment, so there you go.

this is something i grabbed based solely on cutups' review over at wrecked (, & i am far from disappointed. mashing together hard rock, metal, breakcore, glitch, and yes... disco (just to name a few) for a wild ride, but done in a far fresher & more entertaining vein than, say, your typical "digital hardcore" production. i make no secret of my general disinterest in guitars & rock music in general, but this bitch holds my interest just fine, thank you... instead of wallowing in the typical "we're so hard check our distorted guitars" vein common to most metal- or punk-inspired electronica, here the licks & wailing arena-rock solos are spliced into the melee with near perfect timing, just before giving way to disco loops, ambience, or something else equally unpredictable. oh yes, donna summer leaps spastically from style to style but it all just seems to work so consistently that you can almost forget this is sample-based music... if not for all the digital/glitchy/dsp/splice madness. highly recommended.