>>Here you go! OOR is the biggest musicmagazine in Holland.

(translated by Arnold from Zea!!)

If you already sample your music from everywhere, you can just as well steal your artist name too. That must have been the idea of Jason Forrest, a bolding radio DJ from Brooklyn. The copyright-police will be busy for a while with This Needs To Be Your Style (although Forrest is very open on his website about his different sources) an it also wonıt take long before the lawyers of the disco-diva will be knocking on his door. Plunderphonics is what they call this sort of samplemixmax, what means that you can get every possible genre pushed out of your speakers at any time. In case of What You Truly Need it is from start to finish Earth-Wind and Fire samples, but a little later parts of King Krimson rattle through the track. The funny thing is that DS does not take the samples totally out of their context. The rude metal guitar in Accept the Cheap is not only there because of the sound or the idea, but also because (at least thatıs how it works for me) it simply is a kick-ass riff. Just like the drum break shortly after that which is in the first place very funky. Very arty and hugely postmodern, but also fun.<<