To All Methods Which Calculate Power

I have the attention span of a gnat, which often makes it difficult to sit through eight-minute glitch marathon tracks or 17 minute post guitar drones. So itıs always nice to hear an act with a zap zap zap approach to music making. Even if I have doubts about the long term viability of calling oneself Donna Summer.

Donna Summer mangles heavy metal guitars, disco hand claps, 70's basslines, and every sound source about as badly as the albums title discombobulates English syntax. But unlike the previous drill n bass pranksters who eviscerated the funk out of breakbeat culture, Donna Summer re-injects it into the stuttering, galloping semi rhythms that pepper these 13 tracks. In particular the reconfiguration of everybody's favorite lite jazz hit - Joe Jackson's "Stepping out" (here re-titled "Stepping the fuck out!") is fascinating, managing to be instantly recognizable but completely transformed at the same time.

Far more revelatory than doing a pisstake "cover" by pitch shifting the original and running it through a distortion plug-in. And on Hawkwind reprise, the drums are shuffled and reshuffled with the dexterity of a casino dealer. There are some daft patches here, especially on the longer tracks, but Donna Summer, doesn't keep a hand too far away from the ol' clicker. Irreverent without being juvenile, noisy without being unapproachable, "To All Methods Which Calculate Power" might be the future drill-n-bassers have been waiting for. Impressive shit.

Sean Portnoy ­ Grooves, USA