If you are one of those people who feel that bastard pop is starting to look about as clever as the poor dumb, twitching human guinea-pig who sends Malcolm McDowell jumping out of a window in O Lucky Man!, and that the, rather aptly named, Two Many DJs need their batteries changed, then Donna Summer is your man. This alter ego of one Jason Forrest, contemporary artist turned mad musical scientist, is a seamlessly sutured and articulate pop culture Bride of Frankenstein in comparison.

While he takes his cue from the concept of "false diversity" and the fact that "everything is appropriated, even my moniker", Forrest blithely confesses to being a fan of the disco diva and Giorgio Moroder: "I wanted their legacy to somehow contextualize my music, however different it may be."

His new album, "This Needs To Be Your Style", kick starts with a playful Tex Averian pile-up of some sixty songs including The Cure, Liberace, Bill Cosby and Sinatra ("The Magnanimous") and ends with a heartfelt paean to Supertramp ("The Man Who Was Thursday"). Along the way Forrest splices dislocated breakbeats and deftly transplants truncated samples whose original sources - Earth, Wind & Fire, Van Halen, The Gogos, King Crimson, Hall & Oates, J Geils Band, Public Enemy etc - will often get no further than the tip of your tongue, strangely managing to create something entirely new. Fingers on the buzzers...