gave summer/this needs to Be your style [ irritant/toolbox ] This Needs To Be Your Style is definitively a compulsif zapping three last decades musical. Working under a name which indicates already all its liveliness and any sound bad taste (just as the name of its own label, Cock Rock Disco music ), Jason Forrest aka Donna Summer made of this new album a kind of indigestible rodeo show and abracadabrant where it puts in scene improbable collisions between variétoche, krautrock and disco70' S, hard rock FM and magnet 80 ' S, hip hop and ragga 90' S, etc. Result: délirant/impensable/barré/n' imports what... Asserting its very popular culture, Forrest pays homage to him by mixing a number of its pieces in a great sound bath from where arise sometimes more clearly from the tubes of Kraftwerk or of Supertramp. And its music to be a kind of uninterrupted and delirious joining plunderphonic of these hits international. Merry comrade of label of Captain Ahab, RandomNumber , or Duran Duran Duran (hahaha!), Donna Summer divides with Knifehandchop, Venetian Snares or Dwayne Soderberg one until with-boutisme a little stupid, limited and rather addictif. Donna Summer I say to you. Who' S That Girl? The author of a music deviating for pétasse battered. stéphane