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Yeah, this shit is all just OLD news!, but it's still an interesting read, if you are new to the CRD rollercoaster!

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Shirts are here and selling quick- if you want one (or both) you better get yer ass over to the store and grab them up quick.

DURAN DURAN DURAN- Very Pleasure-(vrock001) and DOORMOUSE- ...Xylophone Jism...- vrock002 are available in stores all over. Its just too expensive to mail the fuckers- so just go to your local store and grab them quick. If you have a problem finding them online, then email us and we'll try to sort you out.

Also, Wasted 2 has been announced and is being co-organized by JF and Pure again, so go read all about it on the Wasted website. It's Sept 2nd+3rd in Berlin, and we were all blown away by the last one, so we suspect this next one will be even better.

Also, we're bursting at the seams to announce the new White Cock stuff- but we can't yet. But its fucking great- we promise.

Jason Forrest also wrote some comments on his Lady Fantasy Ep. Lots of big stuff is happening with his new album, "Shamelessly Exciting", out Oct 3rd on Sonig. We'll post all the news here.


Thank you thank you thank to all you rockers who showed up in Ireland and England for the DDD, Dev/Null and JF tour! God damn, we are tired from dropping so much rock. But rumor has it DDD and Dev/Null join Terminal11 for a west coast USA tour! In July! Details ASAP.

But speaking of which, Lady Fantasy EP is now out everywhere! On Cd and vinyl, and the vinyl has an extra 10 minute long B-side track that JF is very, very proud of, and now wishes were on all the Cd's too, its so good. Grab it form Sonig or some online place now.

Also, unfortunately the great new Vorpal Cd is delayed a few months. Yes, evidently everyone in Europe takes most of July and August off from working, so we have to pay the price for this. Oh well.


The FIRST T-shirt:

The SECOND Tshirt:

We actually have them now (they ship out to all you dudes on monday)- and we're selling 'em quick... order now!!! Shirt 003 coming soon!


Now May seems to be slipping by faster than we had hoped. Fuck it, you got the latest Doormouse to rock so what do you care... School is out, and it's warm, so just relax, holmes.

The man himself, Duran Duran Duran will play Berlin's Marke B at the big 'ol Maria club next week, and all you trendy berlin club-kids will be there, right? We expect it to be an, um, eventful night... Then boss man Jason Forrest, Dev/Null and Mr. Duran x3 will head over to the UK for some rock and roll action. We expect these show to be full of pulsating naked pasty brits engorged on enough X to choke a horse. Anything less and they'll all be horribly, horribly disappointed.

The next 2 releases are Vorpal's "An Incomplete Guide To VORPAL Music" and Next Life's "Electro-Violence". The Vorpal was delayed because of a fuck up at the pressing plant. But don't worry it's well worth it. Classy design and even classier music. It will leave you boggled, we think. Next Life is gonna basically be your new favorite band. Fucking unbelievably great Gameboy Blackmetal from Oslo. We think that will come out in July, at least we hope it will. Then Don Augusto Martinez, then Dev/Null, then Stunt Rock, then About. Who knows, but all this before october we swear.

Don Augusto?

He's Ariel Bustamonte from Chile, and he's a wacky, fun-loving dude. His album, "Fun, Love and Computers" has taken him ages to make, but it's done now and we can guarantee you it's stupid fresh.

Stunt Rock?

Oh shit yeah... Master of 'Bleaders Anonymous' (who brought you the covers for Doormouse and DDD) and 1/2 of the Addict team is here to give his gift to the world in "This Is Stunt Rock Vol. 3". It's REALLY good.


Yeah, he's the first CRD Pop-star. His album "Bongo" is 3 years and a handful of hospital visits in the making (seriously). Go grab the first track from his record. It's fucking great.


Yeah, yeah, it's manufactured and going to be in stores soonish. First up are 12" versions of Duran Duran Duran and Doormouse, then we"ll do the other 2, with hopefully the vinyl and Cd's being delivered a bit more organized in the future.


YES!!! (SO SORRY FOR THE DELAY!!!)NOW SHIPPING TO ALL YOU PEEPS THAT BOUGHT THEM!! AND IN STOCK FOR YOU LATE PEOPLE! We had to change the colors a bit, but it's all good, they look astonishingly great.


SHIT! What happened to April? Damn, we've been so busy around here, that we forgot to make an update. Well let's see, lots is happening:

Doormouse's "...Xylophone Jism..." is OUT there all over the damn place, and getting really great reviews all over the place. Grab one now at the Shop, my don't ye? But unfortunately Dan had to cancel his mini-tour in Eu. But don't worry he'll be back in the fall.

Jason Forrest is back with a Ep called "Lady Fantasy" on June 5th on Sonig records.This one is 4 tracks, quite experimental- and dare we say groundbreaking artistically. But don't worry, his new full-length "Shamelessly Exciting" will be released in early October, and contains enough hard rocking to quench your thirst for sure. More info soon as we get closer to release date.

Speaking of JF, he'll be doing a mini tour with Dev/Null and Duran x3 in the Uk in early June, check the gigs section to catch the fever!

Speaking of Dev/Null, claims his album is finally completed, and from what we've heard, this one is really gonna shake people up! No, really. This album is revolutionary!!

Duran x3 is on tour for most of June in EU, beginning with a show at Marke B at the Maria club in Berlin. Honestly, I don't think they know what they have done by booking him. It's mainly a festival for minimal techno, some electro-pop, and the occasional drum and bass DJ. Pictures will be snapped if major chaos ensues. Regardless, check the free Cd that comes with THE WIRE this month- somehow DDD is there to spread some CRD love...

Oh, and lastly, the CRD vinyl versions of Crock001 and Crock003 are getting made this second!!


WOW! There are 2 new CRD megamix mp3-only albums in the shop!! Each are "messed around with" by Jason Forrest and feature exclusive unreleased tracks from upcoming CRD releases! Many remixes, many fresh faces and 100% radness. Tracks by: Warst, Wildflower, Slepcy, Dev/Null, About, Don Augusto Martinez, Duran Duran Duran , Terminal 11, Audioguarde, Doormouse, Next Life, and some unreleased stuff by "the mix master" (as he requests we call him- asshole).

DOORMOUSE "...Xylophone Jism..." in stores soon! (avail. in the shop-now!) Release date was pushed back a bit, but they should be in stores by mid-april worldwide. We're quite proud of Dan with this record and feel its his best and most solid album to date. We'll be posting up some mp3's soonish.

CRD on the road!

June will be a busy and rocking month for CRD. Dev/Null joins Duran x3 and JF for a tour in the UK, then Doormouse with live drummer Josh Anonymous ("a stupefying rock onslaught"- rolling stone) carry Jason through some shows in portugal, and a few select shows through europe. Check the gigs section for details!



We're simply overjoyed here at CRD. Duran Duran Duran's "Very Pleasure" keeps selling out! Is the word is out? Maybe more people are down with the breakcore? Maybe its the new Punk? But the ladies are figuring out how to dance to it, so who the fuck knows, but we like it!!!

Terminal 11 is AVAILABLE IN STORES!!! We can promise you that this album is absolutely stupendous. No, really. It's fucking brilliant. You want fast? Shit, T11 is a nitrous-huffing race car packed with 350 BPM dynamite. You want funky brakes? Got it, you want strange, enrapturing melodies that get stuck in your head? Oh hell yeah.. Big Term's got them like a Blank Panther has an Afro. It has a beautiful cover by Layla Goor, and it's waiting for you in your record shop now... Or at the CRd shop!! and here's a Mp3 from it!

And speaking of super wikkid awesome, the WASTED Cd is now on the CRD shop. It features so many artists that we love and respect, like: Slepcy, Drop The Lime, Rotator, Droon, Sickboy, Repeater, Base Force One, Curtis Chip, Pure, Noize Creator, Geryoche vs Society Suckers, Shitmat plus a new tracks by JF/DS, Duran x3 and T11! (the links above are to MP3's!) AH!

Also, we're hard at work bringing many many new Mp3 albums to the CRD shop from our own artists and other labels like Suburban Trash, Addict, and Sublight! So go take a look and see if anything's new...


Wow, holy shit, holy shit! WASTED was fucking AWESOME! Thanks to all those who came long distances (Australia and USA!!) and all those other rowdy folks and Breakcore Gives me wood peeps who really made it a fucking party. We are still amazed at how much fun and how positive the whole thing was. Pure and I are already talking about doing it again, so get ready for the next one...

Oh, and CRD is proud to Co-present with Mirex records the WASTED COMPILATION CD!!!!

Wow! Thanks to everyone who came out to the kick-ass first CRD tour of 2005! Duran x3, Terminal11 and JF played 6 shows directly after Wasted in central Europe, and they pretty much all kicked ass... Thanks so much for those of you who came out and rocked! Picts will go up soon...

Terminal 11 "Illegal Nervous Habits" is probably in some stores already, so you had better jump in there and grab them quick if you see them, because we think its gonna disappear immediately. Proper release date is next week. Of course, you can always get it now at the store...


Quick! Give us your money!

CRD Shop is Up and Running!!!! AHH!!!!!


New Mp3 up by Vorpal (finally)! It's the first track form his CD, "An Incomplete Guide to Vorpal Music" and drops in April.

Many promoters are getting in touch about CRD tours, and festivals, If you want the REAL rock, then get in touch, chappy!

Have you entered the Advanced D&D remix contest?

And surely you know about the awesome WASTED Festival, Feb. 4 and 5th, co-organized by our own Jason Forrest and Pure. But did you know CRD is co-releasing a compilation CD? HUmm? Yep, Mirex is partnering up with us, and it'll be released Feb. 4th at the fest in Berlin. (but you'll be able to buy it all over, don't worry.) The line up is staggering:Duran Duran Duran, Terminal11, Shitmat, Christoph Fringeli, Noizecreator, Rotator, Repeater, Sickboy, Droon, Society suckers, Pure, Drop The Lime, Curtis Chip, and our own JF.

Last but not least, I'm proud as punch to link to a new JF/DS video by Mr. Corey Smith, a 18 year old video prodegy from NJ... Grab it!


Shit yeah, the Steppin Off video is back up here:http://www.waverlyfilms.com. Actually, it's ALWAYS been up there, but we've just been to dumb to know it. And more good news: Jon Watts will do more videos for the big kick-ass JF/DS DVD late in 2005!!! AHH!!

Duran Duran Duran Cd SHOULD be available in most places. If your store doesn't have it, then odds are it's sold out, and they should order more!! AHH!!


We're thrilled to tell you that JF's "Post Disco Crash" album has somehow wormed its way onto both Blender and Spin Magazine's best of the year album lists!! Check it out!


We're thrilled to tell you that JF's "Post Disco Crash" album has somehow wormed its way onto both Blender and Spin Magazine's best of the year album lists!! Check it out!


Happy holidays peeps!

Ok, first up, the store inches closer to being a reality... (but SOON, we promise!). Also the mind-blowing "Very Pleasure" album is out in USA in some places, and will be out in EU in mid-Jan. Early reviews are REALLY good! So look out for it!

So our very own Jason Forrest has been asked to co-organize a Breakcore festival in Berlin with Pure as a part of the 2005 Club Transmediale festival! Here's the website:


Also, after the festival (which you had ALL better be at), JF, DDD and T11 will do a mini-tour in Central EU. Check the gigs page. But the plan is to do mini-CRd tours all over EU and USA in 2005, so if you want to get in on the action, then email us now! Also, we're gonna start taking orders for our tshirt subscription in just a few days! So email if you want to get in on the action early...

Oh, and the Adv. D&D show is still rollin' strong!

OH! And NYC peeps don't miss the show on Jan 6th!


"Very Pleasure Album release party!

Knitting Factory, NYC, Jan 6th, 10pm ish

JF/DS, Duran Duran Duran, Food For Animals, END, Dev/Null... Holy shit, this show is gonna RULE


Congrats Duran x3, Irritant!!


Ok! I have a firm release date for Duran Duran Duran! You will be able to go insane on January 24th. But it will be available at a few exclusive album release shows before that, and maybe even a pre-sale on our own shop soon enough. We'll let you know about this ASAP.

Then look for CRD releases to be on a MONTHLY Basis! AH! MONTHLY!!!! Schedule so far is:

Feb.: Terminal 11 -"Illegal Nervous Habits"

March: Doormouse "...Xylophone Jism"

April: Vorpal "An Incomplete guide to.."

Releases are being worked on by Dev/Null, Kill, Wild Flower Systematica, Next Life, Ariel Bustamonte and Ben "Dehab" Jackson. Man, all this music is fucking wikkid too. We might do some 12"s too, but who knows. And a compilation..

Some T-shirts have been designed as well. We hope to start cranking these puppies out, and we can assure you that these will be the very best designs and quality we can muster. Here's a sneak preview of the first one. Also, one idea is to actually make a T-shirt Subscription program for next year. This would ensure that for a fee, you would get 6 shirts in 2005, one every 2 months. If you are interested email us quick like, and we can figure it out.

Also the Advanced D&D radio show is rollin strong! Go check it: www.wfmu.org/donnasummer

Have you posted on the Forum yet? Why the fuck not?



We were switching servers... but I thought that Stunt Rock might have sabotaged me... HA!

Also, JF/DS was featured in a hilarious radio feature on Sweden's national radio P3's show Musikjournalen. Here it is as a MP3.


"Very Pleasure" the debut album by Duran Duran Duran is officially finished! It's being manufactured now, and we'll tell you when it should be in shops! Certainly we're all very proud of it. Check out that amazingly awesome cover by Stunt Rock!

After much welcome discussion, we have decided to make a webshop and also a MP3 store! Expect web-exclusive EP's from many of the CRD super-stars soon! New stuff form JF/DS and Doormouse goes up first, and we're also painting the walls here at CRD for version 2.0, up by October 1. But go grab the free ones first.

Terminal 11 album "Illegal Nervous Habits" getting damn close to completion as well! Hopefully we will release in November, then a christmas present from Doormouse called "Xylophone Jism" in Dec/Jan.

Updated the gigs section, with new shows by JF/DS and Doormouse. and also we updated the JF/Ds bio/press photos.

Also, if you're curious about the new T-shirts, check out this page, it has some of the designs that we have made, or what our designer friends have come up with! We're making one soon, and will be cranking them out regularly after that! All will be available in the shop when they get here.



Our man, Jon Watts will do the next Fat Boy Slim Video! WOW! Congrats DUDE! Also check out the Steppin Off video HEADLINING the "Videos that Rock" evening at Resfest! WOW!


Here are some pictures taken by Mei Lewis, from the UK of the Safe As Milk festival.. Nothing embarrassing there at all...


Well Scandinavia was fully rocked... thanks to Mr. Single Unit and good ol JF/DS did his best to keep up. There are a few concert reviews out there, but we haven't been emailed the links yet. (Come on slackers, email us!) We'll post them up ASAP. We took a lot of pictures, and we'll load them up real soon like. But here's just one new one to the right-->


DURAN DURAN DURAN Album "Very Pleasure" IS DONE!!!!! AHH!!! Look for a release in September (and in conjunction with Very Friendly records)... we guarantee you that it is the greatest record of all time! Full money back guarantee! (ha ha.. yeah right!) But seriously, we'll post some MP3's from it soon. YEAH! - Hey, haven't you been to his hilariously shitty website?

We're trying to get enough time to do a total CRD website re-design, and we'll put artists pages, etc up then. But anyway, then we'll release full lengths from Terminal11 (in conjunction with Zod), Doormouse, and then Dev/Null (hopefully) although he might be after Ariel Bustamonte, or even Vorpal, or possibly even the greatest new super-group from Norway- KILL... shit, who knows... Regardless, you can guarantee that you'll get nothing but pure quality from CRD in the coming months. Oh! and T-shirts are being designed for september- Oh! and a proper mail order! Oh!

The dude known as Jason Forrest has been traveling non-stop this summer, but has also been hard at work on his new album, loosely scheduled for summer 2005, and will be released with or by our friends at Sonig again. Expect to get your ass rocked off. As you already know, we're just begun starting to set up a big-ol US tour for the upcoming months now. If you have a venue or work at a radio station, or whatever, then get in touch with us NOW! No shit-hole too small. No area too big! AH!



Updated the gigs section... There have been a few changes to the Scandinavian tour... go check it for full rock action!

Also- A new JF/DS MP3!!! AHH!!!!! It's called "Sperry and Foil" and we quite like it around these parts. Sure it's got beats, but it's also sort of relaxed... ahh....


OK, updates galore... The releases section has been updated, and also unfortunately closed down! HA! Basically, we don't have a CD burner here at the mothership at the moment, so this means CDR sales will have to stop for the summer, but we'll get our asses back in gear soon!

The gigs have also been updated, with the mighty JF/DS Single-Unit Skandanavian tour dates posted! If you're up that way, def come out, as Single Unit will rock you like you haven't been rocked before!!

If you have been among the thousands of people (literally!)to watch the JF/DS video "Steppin Off", then it comes as no surprise to hear that it's brilliant director Jon Watts is already on the fast track to fame and fortune! Word has it he's already up for directing jobs with fancy big-time artists like Fat Boy Slim! AHHH!! Go get em dude!

JF/DS is beginning to plan a US TOUR! So if you want him to come to your town and rock your asses off in November 2004- then EMAIL US NOW!

Duran Duran Duran is damn close to completeing his offical first album! Basically it's a race between Dev/Null and Duran x3 for the first real Cock Rock Disco CD! I know it's hard, but try to be just a bit more patient! There will be plenty of CD's to be released soonish! They will be worth the wait!

Also, plans are being made to make a Tshirt subscription for 2005! You'd recieve a great CRD Tshirt every 2 months for the whole year! Wow, that sounds cool, huh?


Updates all around... Gigs, images at right (for kicks, really) and the best news of all- the video is up again after the overwhelming number of downloads! AHH! So it's back! Go catch the magic!

Also, I've gotten a few emails from a few designers, but I want to open it up more- you're an artist, a fashion designer, a video person, shit, a cab driver- anything, send us a link to your work, and let's get our collective CRD rock n roll going! We have a bunch of releases coming, and we want to get as many people involved as possible... remember, we're all friends here! Send a mail!


WOWOW! Have you seen the finished "Steppin Off" video? NO?!?! Jesus, you better go here and watch it NOW! (www.waverlyfilms.com)

Also, it seems to be spreading through the internet and TV like wildfire (and rightfully so, Jon!) so we know it's already been on MTV2 in the UK, and VIVA in Eu, and Much Music in Canada, but if you see it, somewhere definitely drop us a line to tell us where! AHH!!

Ok, so you've been to the forum already so many times and have all posted something either brilliant or inane there (right everyone?) so you probably know this, but CRD is going legit! That's right our friends at Cargo Distribution UK will be helping us make CRD the reality that it has so oft promised to be! Expect releases coming damn soon from Dev/Null, Duran Duran Duran, Terminal11, Ariel Bustamonte, and so so so so so many others. We're deliriously happy about this, and also trying to get everything sorted and nice looking so that when the Shite drops you'll feel the burn of desire. Way more news about this soon!

Also, production begins soon on the next JF/DS video (AHH!), and with all else going on, we realized that we should probably get some other graphic designers and video people to work here. So if you're one, drop us a line as well! Like the forum says, we all need T-shirts to wear and Videos to watch!

Many people have asked us about the cover of the "Post Disco Crash" album on Sonig, and it seems to be massively popular among both men and women alike. I'm proud as punch to say that the illustration was made by Jen Ray, and you can finally see her website here. (www.jenrayillustration.com) So go check it out and hire her to work for your magazine, etc!

Also, the photos from the massiveJF/DS Eu tour in April are online, and his gigs are finally updated! AHH!

I  can update again!!!! 

Yeah, I know excuses excuses, but I have been in Europe, while my computer has been in the good ‘ol USA!

OK, So:

April tour:
HOLY SWEET JESUS! It was wikkid! JF/DS, his lovely wife Jen Ray, and Mr. Markus from Enduro records in Hamburg crammed in a station wagon and played 23 concerts in April alone! HOLY SHIT! And we can safely say that solid rocking happened at each and every one of these concerts! HA! JF even played 18 concerts IN A ROW!!! WOW! You’re all amazed I can see! HA!
Many, many pictures were snapped, go see them here!

JF/DS shows this summer:

Let’s see, he already played in Spain at Primavera Sound (killed it too I think! Give us a shout Barcelona!) Then went to Mutek (more below), then rocked 2 shows in Portugal last week (shouts to Nelson and Paulo). This weekend he’s in Luxemburg and Mulhouse FR., but really he plays constantly all summer... (gigs updated!)

2 things:
A panel discussion on sampling:

...with John Oswald (Mr. Plunderphoncs himself!), Matthew Herbert, Stefan Betke (Pole), and Mark the Lawyer (great guy!). “The panel was great! I think it was quite entertaining, with a very real exchange between panelists. Also, strangely enough, there seemed to be an ACTUAL dialogue between people after the fact, which I think is quite rare in these circumstances…”

The show:
“Basically, I was put smack dab in the middle of a minimal techno “rave” (although I saw no raveing to be honest, sorry). So I did what I always do, I screamed and jumped up and down, and laughed and told what I thought were ironic, funny jokes (“everybody in the balcony is a pussy!!” and “I want to dedicate this song to my grandmother, and everyone else’s grand mothers too...”) and much to my surprise, the audience was evenly divided between love and HATE. So I guess I don’t really have anything to be sorry for but for being myself, and for trying much harder than anyone else to be entertaining and theatrical. But it turns out that the show has begun some weird controversial “I hate Donna Summer” threads, and this is, really very stupid. I mean I came to rock, and rock I did. If people are so precious as to be insulted by my performance, then the electronic music scene really needs to crawl out from behind their computers and go on a date with a real live girl for once.”




The new album by Jason Forrest!

(Yes, you heard right! No more Donna Summer! Just deal with it.)

Here's the track by track comments, like I did below for "This Needs To Be Your Style". Why not go to the forum and discuss what you think is interesting? humm...

Anyway, it's released by Sonig on April 5th in Europe and April 16th in the USA!! YES! This time it will actually be released on vinyl and the CD will be on a swanky 6-panel digipak! I still can't believe I'm saying this, but it was generiously mastered by Jan and Andi from Mouse On Mars, so this one sounds damn good!!!


Massive thanks to everyone that came out to the shows in the UK! mega thanks to the Adaadat team, and Ove Naxx and Utabi and everyone else!!! See, it was fun right?!?!

The global onslaught is coming on hardcore style now... watch the press section for updates.. Like the review of the new JF/DS album on Sonig and his Mirex 7" in the new WIRE Issue!

Yes, the video is still being finished, but let me assure you it is easily the greatest video of all time. Totally! Even better than SABOTAGE!! I mean it!!

Lastly, I'll be playing my last show in the USA this Saturday in NYC! Check the gigs page for all the info!


Have you been to the new Cock Rock Disco Forum yet?!?!?!


DS on MTV Europe? SHIT YEAH!!!!

"This is our Music" is a new show spotlighting people doing good work all over the world, and for some reason they came to the CRD mothership and did an interview with JF/DS! It already aired in Scandinavia last week, and there's video of the interview up at the website for all to see. But rumor has it the showis headed for the rest of Eu soon!

So the hype is getting ready to be unleashed like the holy wrath of a scorned king.. Yes, DE:Bug has already printed a JF/DS interview in this months issue, and Dazed and Confused have done a little piece as well. All updated in the reviews section.

Also, Terminal11 has consented to having us post links to 2 of his newest genius works in the MP3 section... go check it.

Updated the gigs in the gigs section..Holy shit will JF/DS be busy or what?!?!


New "Irregular Series" 12" out now on Sonig!

Cover art by Jen Ray

"These 5 songs were all at some point all included on the "... Post Disco Crash" album (out in April on sonig), but seemed to work really well together on their own. These songs were all created about the same time, so maybe they are related like brothers and sisters, different and individual, but still blood "



Have you been to the new Cock Rock Disco Forum?!?!?!




OK, Just put up a bunch of links to photos of the festivals in Russia and Berlin! They look fantastic! Damn, how could I have not mentioned earlier that NYC's own Mumbleboy did the video for the DS show in Berlin's Club Transmediale at the beginning of the month? He's a fucking genius that guy... Here's a folder (stolen mercilessly from Aaron Spectre, sorry man) of Mr. Mumbles in action.

So you're probably wondering what in the hell is going on in the picture of these three in the limo.------------------------------------------------------------------>

Holy Jammasters! This is a photo from the greatest music video to have ever been created! (Yes, even better than Sabotage, and possibly better than the Bjork one too!) And somehow it was created for Jason Forrest/ Donna Summer!!!! WOW!! WOW!!! WOW!!! Shooting was completed last Friday, and it scheduled to be completed within the next few weeks! Certainly it will be available for viewing here, but odds are you'll be able to see it on actual TV! YEAH - REAL TV!!!

OH! CONFIRMED DS/Ove Naxx UK tour dates here!!!!



I keep telling everyone just how fantastic Moscow was! Well! It was Fantastic!!! The gig was great! They said there were 1,000 people there- dancing inside a high-tech boxing dome! Anyway, Picts will be up soon...

And then there was Club Transmediale!!

Another great time, meeting and drinking with so many new friends form all over the globe! The show went really well, but really, there were so many great shows, I was just happy to be a part of the action!

OK, enough gushing, now actual news!

The new Donna Summer album "The Unrelenting Songs of the 1979 Post Disco Crash" will be released by Sonig April 5th in Eu and April 16th in the US!!! DS is deliriously happy with it! Mastered by Andi and Jan from Mouse on Mars, it is easily the best sounding, most developed album by DS yet! he's written up a long song-by-song commentary on it, like he did for "This needs to be...", but we'll wait to post this up until we get closer.

But before this, Sonig will release an Ep on their new "Irregular" 12" series! That has 5 rockin tracks ( OK 4 rocking tracks and one pretty, beatless thing). Word is that it's being made now, and will be available really damn soon!

But before this! Mirex ( the brilliant "breakcore" sublabel of Hymen/ Ant-Zen) has finally released a DS 7"!

it's 4 tracks sound really damn nice though, and the design- as always with anything hymen related is fucking brilliant. It will be a small pressing, so when you see it, you best grab it up!!

Lastly, DS has had the good fortune of meeting up with young director John Watts for the creation of what will most surely be the world's greatest music video ever! EVER! What to see how cool?- Did the poster to the right for the "Jason Forret Jammasters!" Now that is class!!! Certainly there will be loads of news about this ASAP!!!


Thanks to everyone who came out to see Dev/Null and I in Pittsburgh, Iowa City and Chicago, Damn, it was COLD! HA!


"This needs to be your style" named in top 10 electronic albums of the year in The Wire!! WHOA?!


Also, our new friend Je m'en fish/Bart Dujardin was nice enough to translate that mega Gonzo Circus article to English.

We leave for Moscow and Berlin on Monday! See you there?!?!!


Updated the Gigs section once again.. Go check it! There you can see all the info for the shows this week in the mid-west, and the upcoming Russian and Berlin festivals!!!

Also, Jason Forrest will be moving away from New York City in February. (So definitely email first before mailing demos.) Basically, NYC is just too fucking expensive. Certainly he'll be missing all the great friends here, but he WILL still be doing the Advanced D&D radio show on WFMU!!! But more on that when we get closer...

Anyway, he's gonna do a sort of going away show at Tonic on February 15th, with End and Nathan Michel. BE THERE!!

Also, The magazine Dazed and Confused will run an article on our man Donna, look for it in late Feb, at your local hipster bookstore...



DEATH AFTERLIFE is on 12" vinyl!

It's basically the same as the CDR version, but slightly edited down, and housed in a gorgeous record sleeve. Hell, Boomkat made it album of the week! Here's what they say:

Could this really be the brilliant Donna Summer taking on the mighty Iron Maiden? Yes, absolutely. Highly Limited edition vinyl-only album finding our advanced deconstruction analyst Mr Summer decimating the guitars and drums into a hotput of glitch and splice-up techniques in a mashed-up sequence of white noise shrieks and chopped-up synapses that have made his friends at Irritant and Tigerbeat weep with pride. Donšt sleep ­ Wake Up!! Ace.

It's manufactured by out friends at Mewe le Disque, and we're proud as punch to be supported by them!

Also, DS and Dev/Null will play a few shows in the US mid-west next week! Come out and enjoy the rock! If your attenting the Chicago Art Institute, then why not hear DS do a lecture? Monday at 11am I think....

Last up, Curious about the new DS full length on Sonig? There's an advance review of it here, but it's in Swedish! HA!


Happy new year everyone!

Jesus, does this year look to be an amazing one! So many tours, so many releases, and so much fun to be had! Best to everyone for sure...

DS was interviewed on national French Radio here:


The part about "mashups" isn't until way later in the realplayer stream about 1:45:00 into the program...



Donna Summer was lucky enough to win "Best foreign artist for 2003" on a Dutch national radio show called 3voor12! He performed again on the show in Amsterdam last week (made an ass of himself yet again)and collected the award in person! I think there are video and audio clips on the website above, so go check it out!

It's been a busy month for DS, whom also traveled to Berlin to take place in the really enjoyable Radio Riff festival. The DS set and improv session were both inspired, so we'll quite pleased with ourselves back on this side of the pond.

So did you go see Xanopticpon and Duran Duran Duran on their trail-blazing euro tour? You did! See, they are great and fucked up guys, no?

Oh my god! DS, END and Hrvatski are all doing a mini-festival in MOSCOW!!! Go see what info there is in the gigs section!


Thanks to everyone in Rennes, France for their hospitality, at Transmusicale! DS rocked some 900 French asses and screamed his lungs out! It was great! But there's no rest for the weary, DS is back in Berlin for Radio Riff on December 16th for a German edition of Advanced D&D, and then back on air with Marc Weiser from Rechenzentrum for a live improv set on Dec. 18th!

At last the amazing interview conducted with Donna Summer by Radio host Patti Schmidt of CBC radio's "Brave New Waves" is online! Go here to listen to it! Jason/DS is surprisingly lucid!

Also there's a new DS interview posted in the reviews section from a webzine called Uzine, from Belgium. He talks again about why ELO rules...


I just posted 2 new Mp3's by Don Augusto Martinez! He's this great dude from Chille and I describe his sound as a cross between Soft Pink Truth and Xanopticon! Go check it out!

Also, DS heads to the 25th annual Trans Musicales, Rennes France next week (Dec 5th)! If you're in France then come out and PARTY! I hear it's gonna be a fun night! If you're in Germany then go see Duranx3 and Xanopticon in Berlin! We don't have the info just yet, but really, you want to go see these guys live!


OK, so odds have it that DS will be touring near or in your city in 2004. Try to keep up with it all in the gigs section! If you are in Europe and are interested in booking DS, email us here, and we'll get you in touch with the right people (don't worry it will be easy). Tours for Europe are being lined up for April and June, and it's rumored that End will join in April! The awesome dudes at Adaadat are starting to book a tour of the UK in March, and there's a possibility of a tour in Scandinavia in May with Single Unit. Whew!

Also, DS has finished the new album, which will be released by Sonig in April 2004! It will be preceded by a EP 12" at the beginning of the year.

But wait- what about CRD?

Well, let's just say that if everything works out as planned, 2004 will find a handful of legit releases on CRD, and they will be distributed world wide!!! YEAH!!! But we don't want to spoil the surprise just yet...


New Donna Summer Biography section up. Discography, Interviews, and some other stuff. Much belated on this...



"Donna summer is a frenetic and highly entertaining tour de force taking in disco, prog rock, gabba and digital noise along the way."

"Ove naxx teaming up with osaka mc's wolf pack to produce a devastating audio barrage of jungle, video-game themes, heavy metal, and japanese weirdness."

Super wikkid review: http://www.tesselate.me.uk/reviews/donnasummervovenaxx_review.htm


Ok, so I've uploaded my pictures HERE! There's 6 great pages of Japanese mayhem!!

Also, have you missed out on the rock and roll phenomenon that is the Donna Summer live show? Well you're in luck, you can go listen to 2 great shows recorded in Vienna: http://mpfree.fdread.org/live-sets

Hey! Have you been to the Advanced D&D radio website lately? Shit- you better get over there because DS has been playing some AMAZING shows lately!

Tons more absolutely great news is a foot- but I'll post more later! HA!



Back from Japan!!!!!!


Japan is GREAT! As you can see form the image to the right, people are crazy there and obsessed with flashing peace sings everywhere. Massive thank you to my man Ove Naxx and Mimura from Comma Records for setting up the shows!!! They were GREAT! I was so honored to meet so many great people and a surprising number of actualy DS fans! HA! I wrote a painfully LONG journal of the 2 week trip, and will post it along with loads of pictures soon. Here are the pictures that Ove Naxx posted! Pictures from Phirip's show!

Also, I also have posted up a bunch of reviews and a few more Magazine articles (Go Mag, Gonzo Circus, and End + DS in Grooves) up in the reviews section.



Check this movie of DS AT Pukkelpop! It's short! Also there are a few brilliant pictures taken by Droon, and Bram Jacobs here! (Yes, those people are dancing to the sounds of Donna Summer- not someone else!) A recording was made of the show, and hopefully this will be released as a DS live album!!!


Pukkelpop was AMAZING! Thank you thank you to all thousand something kids who came out, screamed, clapped and went berserk! YEAH! We grabbed an amazing recording of the event, and look forward to releasing this as a live album soon! YEAH! Lots more pictures, and mayhem on this to come!

DS Japan tour is being extended! Check the Gigs section for details. Also DS plays an amazing show in NYC with Matmos and People Like Us on Sept 18th!!

A new split 12"/ and CD with DS and Ove Naxx is done and getting made as I write this. It will be released on Adaadat/Very Friendly, and will be distributed heavily by Cargo/Revolver! So you should be able to get it pretty easily by the release date on Oct. 6th!

End also has 2 full length albums ready and waiting to go, one on Tigerbeat6, and the other on Ipecac, so by mid 2004 he should be a mega star I think!

Those of you in Canada might have caught the insane Donna Summer hour-long interview on CBC's great radio show Brave New Waves last week. For everyone else in the world, the archive of it should be up this week I think. But you should go there anyway and just listen to the great interviews with such a great list of artists (Like Anticon and Felix Kubin)!

Dev/Null still inches closer to completion of his album everyday! We promise it will be worth the wait!

Also, last but not least: I don't know why this rumor has spread but Jason Forrest/Donna Summer is not affiliated with Duran Duran Duran! That is done mostly by Ed Flis, and DS thinks he is a genius. So please don't ask him questions about Duran x3 (that is unless you want to ask why DS thinks he is a genius, then he will talk your ear off!), just email him yourself and go download his MP3's...


Some of you already know this, but DS did a theme song for a show on MTV called "20 things you don't know about..." and it starts airing all this week.

Here are the show times: Sat 08/23 12:30 PM Sat 08/23 11:30 PM Sun 08/24 8:00 AM Sun 08/24 2:00 PM Mon 08/25 2:00 PM Tue 08/26 11:30 AM Tue 08/26 11:00 PM Wed 08/27 9:30 PM OK, Hope you can catch it, I just watched the 12:30 airing, and have to admit that while it's very exciting, it is quite short... HA! OK, let me know what you think...

Also, DS is getting ready for the mighty Pukkelpop! Should be fantastic! Of course, I'll post up all the celebrity picts I can take!


Big new pitchfork review up in the reviews section, and at their website. Sort of scarily in-depth.


Man oh man, there's some seriously exciting things coming up, but I don't want to let the cat out of the bag just yet... But I can tell you that:

1. DS will do a split 12" and CD with OVE Naxx on the great Adaadat label and Cargo will distribute everywhere. Will probably happen really soon, like September I think. DS has some really bumpin' tracks on this one!

2. The Tonschanht 7" is available and they are for sale here.

3.DS plays with Kid 606, DJ Rupture, END and Dwayne Sodaberk @ the Knitting Factory here in NYC THIS FRIDAY. See what the Village Voice said about the show when they choose it for their "Voice Choices"

4. WHAT? You haven't downloaded the 2 new Dev/Null tracks yet? are you stupid? Better go get them now...

5. Ds played a show on Bentwave, as you will see here.

6. All the ladez (see opposite) and the rest of the fashionista elite will be freaking out when the arty new DS/Cockrockdisco T-shirts arrive in a few weeks! Be prepare to say "wha?"



Updates in the Gigs section, including some Dev/Null action, updates also in the MP3 Section, with 2 fucking amazingly amazing Dev Null MP3's.. Jesus, this guy rules...

CRD will also be making some fancy, luxury items to sell at Pukkelpop and online-- stay tuned, you've never seen anything like this....


The Global media domination continues! A ton of new reviews up in the reviews section...

End and DS open for Kid 606 and DJ Rupture in NYC on Aug. 15th. Check the gigs section, and if you're around Aug 2nd, then come rock the Free 103 party in DUMBO, BKLYN.

Finally Duran Duran Duran will be live on my radio show this week with fellow label mate Moblin... I guarantee oblivion!

Speaking of brutal, I'll try to get some new Dev/Null MP3's up soon, Jesus, they are just TOO fucking GREAT!

Speaking of great, DS T-shirts are GOING, GOING FAST! Email in quick if you want one!!!!

Also, DS is looking to do an Italian tour this winter, get in touch if you want to book him!


July is GLOBAL MEDIA DOMINATION month here at CRD!

That's right, DS is featured in articles in XLR8R, Muzik, and Crash (don't have it scanned yet)! Duran x3 is also in Muzik, and End is in Vice! Damn, that's pretty fucking good!!! Check 'em out!!

Also, looking forward to the 2-3 shows in late august in europe...

who knows, we might even get around to start making out new mesh caps!

July 25th is the date NOT TO BE MISSED! Yes, it's DS, Wobbly, and Blevin Blechdom all @ pianos on the lower east side.. check the gigs section for more info...

Also DS finished the tracks for the upcoming Adaadat split 12" with Ove Naxx! He thinks they are pretty good too! We'll let you know when it's ready to roll. Also keep your eyes out for the Tonschanht 7"- it's a good one!


Also, check the Wobbly/ Blevin Blectum show info.


Oh my god! The tour fucking RULED!

Thanks a ton to Dev/Null, Xanopticon and END for playing amazing shows! Thanks to all you folks that came out and screamed your asses off, and thanks so so much to everyone that set up the shows! They were wikked!! I'm just starting to post the tour Picts here, so go see if you can see yourself. Oh, and anyone who took pictures, please send them on, so I can post them up!

So we're all very excited here at CRD headquarters, because the destroyer of the Netherlands- Dev/Null will be ready with his debut 12" very soon! So check back to see when it'll be done!

Also, for reasons too complex and mindboggling insane to consider- Donna Summer has just shot a fucking massively professional music video! It's "in editing" now, and will possibly be released on an enhanced CD/EP by Irritant in the fall. But who knows, it might even make it on MTV?!

Lastly, the T-shirts are HERE! They cost $15 bucks (too high? No, they are way limited!!) The DS Tonschanht 7" is here as well, and sounds particularaly beautiful and "features" guitar by super-mega-star David Grubbs!


Oh shit.. Check out this poster!

You know this tour is gonna fucking RULE!

OH!!! The 12" version of "This Needs..." WILL be available on the tour, as well as this new Donna Summer T-shirt, as well as the Tonschanht 7"! End will have his new Mirex 7" and Hymen 12"! Xanopticon will have his Mutant Sniper and mirex records and Dev Null will be selling sexual favors!!! SO BRING LOTS OF YOUR BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED EUROS!!


THE EUROPEAN TOUR IS NOT CANCELLED!!!! We had a few emails in asking if the tour is cancelled- NO! Just the shows in Berlin and Prague. They will be re-scheduled though!

BUT!!! We are very very pleased to say that both Xanopticon and Dev/Null will joing both End and DS on 5 dates! YEAH! Check the gigs for details!!


Just updated the releases section. We've had quite a few CDR orders, and it's our pledge to get them made and mailed quick as a wink (unlike in the past! HA!) So they are just 8 bucks a piece including shipping. Grab them up!!

Also we've updated more DS reviews, including the brilliantly written one from Vice!

Also also recheck the gigs section, there have been some updates and changes with the upcoming DS/End European tour!!!

Lastly, DS will return like the fucking plague to Europe in late august. Interested in booking a show? Get in touch!!!!

OH, and DS opens for Dat Politics in NYC May 10th!!


More tour dates added! Check 'em out!

Lots of International press added to the reviews section! Check and see if your country is represented! If you have a review- or know of a review- send it on in! We'd love to see it!




OK, I guess the biggest news is that THE WIRE (April issue with Autechre on the cover) has an article on DS, a review of the new album, and a few other mentions all within it's pages!!!!! Peeps have already begun emailing to say hello, express curiosity or outrage, and send general good wishes. You should too!

The next order of business is that the Duran Duran Duran/ Donna Summer tour(s) went fucking great! Duran killed the Netherlands and Donna rocked Berlin and London (see image to the left for proof!). Then they teamed up with Knifehandchop and destroyed a few more UK cities. I'll post up a tour summary very soon with pictures and other needless facts.

"This Needs To Be Your Style" is out everywhere now!!! (Cd distro'd through Cargo) I've personally seen it at a handful of UK record stores, and I hear tale that it's headed for the US like a bullet! Loads of press articles are coming fast and furious as well - and most of them are GOOD! HA! 12' vinyl version will be finished April 11th, so get ready to start spinnin' those party jamz!


Goddamn!!! The CD version of "This Needs To Be Your Style" is probably the greatest looking CD ever made! (...and I say this objectively HA!) It should be in stores soon, and is probably already available in some parts of the UK and Europe. John Peel's been playing it, which is a real thrill!!

OK, the Gigs section has been updated for the Eu/UK tour this month with DS and Duran x3! check it out!

Also, there's a lot of press coming down the pipe on DS and the rest of the crew, maybe April will begin the total world domination of Cock Rock Disco!!!

Also, END has consented to tour in June with DS (Again! Ugg what a whore!) So we're looking for tour dates EVERYWHERE! Get in touch and book us now while we have dates open!! At this point we'll definitely be in northern and western Europe, but we'd love to visit Italy and eastern Europe! And we're open for some rad Scandinavian travel as well (maybe with Single Unit?)!

And DS is overjoyed about the possibility of a Japan tour with longtime friend and emerging superstar Ove Naxx in September!! Get in touch if you want us to do a gig in Japan!!!

Dev/Null is hard at work on his album, the proposed first legit CRD release, and from what I've heard, it promises to make the globe spin just a little bit faster!

End is getting ready to drop a 7" on Mirex, and a 12" with remixes by Mehmet Irdel, Xanopticon and Black Lung on Hymen. I'll post up info when it is time...

And get ready for "Drunk On Cock"!! That's Duran x3's debut which will drop on Irritant sometime this spring!!!


Yes, I think it's finally time to get the whole word out on:

It will be released VERY soon by Irritant Records on CD and by Weird Monkey Tool on Vinyl! CD's should be in stores by mid-February, and the 12" will hopefully be available by early March.

If you're a press person, or know press people, feel free to GET IN TOUCH. If you're booking gigs or want to start, GET IN TOUCH, DS will go back to Europe in June, and will also be whoreing it up big time to promote this puppy (ie: promos promos promos!).

So in an effort to tantalize and also possibly start some sort of dialogue I went through and wrote a wrap up of the album, track by track.

Here it is.

Really cool T-shirts also available soon!


Shit, just found out that the MP3 page has been down, regardless it's back up again...


OK all you MP3 hounds... there are 5 more Donna Summer MP3's posted at 8 Bit Records. Big thanks to those homies for asking me and putting them up.

Also, the tour is coming together for the UK in March and DS will also open for NEGATIVLAND in Berlin! Check the Gigs section for details...

Lastly, THIS NEEDS TO BE YOUR STYLE, the new DS full length CD/12" will be delivered in a week! YEAH!



The Donna Summer track "Popxplostion" was played on the John Peel Show tonight (1-16-03)! Damn, I guess you should run out and get the 7" of the same name on Broklyn Beats!!!! HA!


So here we are in the 03, and we're feel quite excited yet again! This site and DS got a write up in URB magazine which was a complete surprise to us! Here it is in the reviews section.

I've also been rocking my ass off to some Dev/Null and that will probably be the first real Cock Rock Disco release. I'm hoping that shit blows up for him as he kills. But we need to figure out if we should make vinyl or CD ---- SO! ---- sign in to the guestbook whether you think it should be Vinyl or Cd. Seriously, your vote will count!

We're also starting to get things finalized on the upcoming Donna Summer and Duran Duran Duran UK tour in March! More details soon. If you're interested in Booking us, send an email. We're planning on being over there from March 14-30th, and I think we're going from Brighton to Glasgow. So get in touch!

And why are we touring? Because the new Donna Summer album comes out damn soon! It's called "This Needs To Be Your Style" and it will be released by Irritant on CD and Weird Monkey Tool on Vinyl. Goddamn, are we excited about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and last thing - Xanopticon and Cutups are coming to NYC from Pittsburgh and it looks like I'll play a show with those homeboys at Subtonic on January 15th. More details in the Gigs section.



So I made it back from the big European tour! It was absolutely fantastic! I did however over indulge a bit and got really sick! But I'm getting better after a week on the couch and asleep! Here's a little page about the tour!

Unfortunately my sickness will keep me from playing in Pittsburgh on Dec. 6th - sorry to anyone that wanted to see me play, but instead you'll be entertained by really GOOD people like Duranx3 and Xanopticon...


So DS was fortunate enough to play a live set yesterday on Terre T's show! He played for about 25 mins live then did a great and peppy interview! HA! Check it out!


So the kind folks at enduro records asked us to move in to their place for a bit.. Here's a special website that we made for them! It features an interview with one of our favorite artists, Banks Violette, some of the ongoing experiment that is Billy Hubris, some rare unreleased Donna Summer MP3's and also a mirror of his upcoming Eu tour schedule. Oh, and there's a rad as all get out desktop image to download... check it!


End's debut album Science/Fiction has been released by Hymen records! We're deliriously happy that End's music will finally start getting out there. His plans for world domination have definitely started, with his long-awaited album made with Speedranch officially announced to be released by Mike Patton's Juggernaught of a label Ipecac! Maybe if we try really hard, DS will drag him out on a tour- but that is really just idle speculation.

So- not that anything else can compete with these bits of news, but - the unofficial and completely unsanctioned Cock Rock Disco party will be at Machine's House in New Brunswick NJ on October 26th. You can see DevNull, Xanopticon, Duran Duran Duran and DS all live, and End will be there so you can make fun of him for not having a lap top! HA! One day we'll fly over Ove Naxx and do it up right!


So Donna Summer was fortunate enough to have the awesome French webzine D*I*R*T*Y post a Cock Rock Disco mix on their website. There you'll find mixes of all CRD artists with Mr. Summer's own re-mix manipulations. Here's a page that gives the times for each artist.


Here are some pictures from the totally rad Brokyln Beats party that happened last night. Donna sweated alot! Big time fun, lots attended


Here's the flyer for another party Donna will do in October


Here's the new cheap-o Guestbook. I'll get a better one if people use it. So please use it!


By this point, it's a bit absurd. Here's the fancy, big, well written and exhaustive article appearing in this months DE:Bug magazine in Germany!! I scanned the article in sort of big so you could read it, so it might take a second to upload... just be patient.

Also - first person to translate this piece gets either: 1. the remix of their choice, or 2. any 3 CRD albums! YEAH!


So loads of people want to know: "Where can I get this Donna Summer person's album?" Well the answer is:

Toolbox records - in France

mdos - in Austria

Electro-Violence - in Japan

History Of the Future - in the USA

There will be some more people carrying it very soon!


So Our champions at DE:BUG magazine have named "To All Things Which Calculate Power" CD of the Month! I am honored and very proud that people like this material!

I'm collecting all the fan mail, well wishes, and general complimentary correspondence for a page here soon. Went to add your 2 cents? send a mail!

It also looks like Donna Summer has been booked for a show here in NYC in September playing with personal Favorite Errorsmith, DJ Scud, I Sound and Doily and Criterion from Broklyn Beats.

Speaking of Broklyn Beats, it looks like they will most generously put out a Donna Summer 7" as a part of their (sic) series. Other (sic) folks include Rotator, 1-Speed Bike, I-sound and DJ Rupture...

...Speaking of DJ/Rupture, he has been kind enough to put a very very small segment of the DS track "Big Work" on his newest mix CD on Tigerbeat6 called Minesweeper suite. While the quantity is very small (like 4 seconds) it's the thought that counts. No doubt many fine TB6 fans might peruse these very pages as a result... Thanks Rupture!


So it's come to my attention that this very Cock Rock Disco website has topped 10,000 visits (actually 70,000 hits, but I'm told you can't trust those numbers) and has probably had about 300-500 downloads of each of the MP3's in that section. So why don't more people send a quick mail to say "Hi"?

I won't bite (unless you ask nicely).



Here's the confirmed info for this great show in Philly:

Friday August 16th


a low visibility production...

DOORMOUSE milwaukee, WI//addict, planet mu//live pa

DJ RUPTURE tigerbeat 6, soot records

DONNA SUMMER live from NY, cockrockdisco.com, omeko(japan),WFMU


DURAN, DURAN, DURAN irritant, advanced idea mechanics, dance chromatic

NODAL TERROR 215noise.com

DEV-79 sonicterror, seclusiasis

moral support provided by: 215noise//no frills audio//nocturnal inc.love the cock.




It's a trend! DS reviewed in Kick-ass German Mag. De:BUG - and it's good!


HOLY SHIT!!!!! Vice magazine reviewed "To all Methods Which Calculate Power"- and it's GOOD!!


No shit. Donna Summer will play a big show in Philadelphia opening for Doormouse on August 16th. New fave here at CRD Ed Flis will also play. More when I know more.


So if you're down with the Donna Summer then you'll most assuredly be down with my man Ove Naxx. He's just released his first Cd in Japan on accelmuzhik. I'm sure that you can get your copy from my other main man, Masakatsu, at electro-violence. His stuff sounds like a mix of DJ rupture and Joseph Nothing, but with lots more heavy metal thrown in. I Guarantee you'll like it!!!!!!!!!! Here's a page that has some of the pictures and drawings my man has sent me. He's RAD, dudes, RAD...

Speaking of RAD, I've completed an interview with a completely fucked up and brilliant Swedish artist by the name of Roger Anderson. He did the Dice below the biker dude with the funny socks on. The dice are made from Goat skins. RAD indeed. Roger's great interview and mini-gallery will go up sometime in the next week...

Also coming maybe soon-ish will be a downloadable realtime video program created by Dan Walsh. I've previewed it and it's weird and great. Check back soon for the details...

Also "Advanced D&D" is rolling strong! Check out some of the archived shows!


We weren't quit sure it would really happen, but Donna Summer has landed a weekly gig on WFMU! It's a starter show happening during the cruel hours of 2-6am every Thursday night, and the show's called "Advanced D&D". Check it out here.


The Braer Rabbit CD is available! It's been getting heavy airplay on WFMU. We think it's fucking great and you should all write in to get it. There's new MP3's in the new MP3 section that you should listen to and enjoy!!

Mehmet Irdel also has a new 8 minute master opus track in to CRD studios. Trust me, he's a fucking music GOD! He's also been gracious enough to send us an MP3 to post go there and grab it up you hounds.

Donna's been busy compiling yet another record. It's sort of sad isn't it that he has such little interest in getting out of the house... he's been corresponding with Joseph Nothing and the corresponding Dragonattack / Joseph Nothing remix 7" should be coming out in the next few months by OMEKO. Needless to say, you'll get all the info on that here. Donna's "to all methods which calculate power" got reviewed by Doll magazine here.

Dave from FatCat has reassured that they will indeed host some of Donna's tracks on their new website, but it'll be a few more weeks before its completely up and de-bug'd.

Lastly, End / Georgio Marauder has a kick ass track on the kick ass Masonic comp put out by Hymen records. Hopefully the world will come to it's senses when his album is put out by them in the fall-let alone when his fucking planet crushing album is released (hopefully) by us later this year. Here's an MP3 to wet your goddamn appetite!

Check back for lots of updates to the Superficial Dragon site to be uploaded VERY soon!!! ( PS. anyone wishing to begin writing for Superficial Dragon, now is your chance! Any sort of submission accepted!!)


Let the MP3 madness begin! http://www.enduro-disks.de/listen/pogo.html is now up and running! Yes, the fine Enduro rockers have finally revamped their site with free MP3's from lots of kick arse folks from around the globe. More MP3 madness to come!

Here's also a picture from a recent performance with poet Alan Gilbert. We've been hard at work on new material, so check back for some newer Mp3's up soon.


I'll be DJing again tonight on WFMU from 11pm to 2 Am. Should be good American fun.

Wednesday April 17th:

Barreled At Subtonic: Norfolk at Delancy starts at 10 PM, I'll probably play at 10 or 11pm. Should be a good set. I've programmed some really new stuff on the laptop, so a good time may happen to all who enter.

Also, I'll have some exclusive MP3's on the FATCAT site whenever they decide to post the damn thing. When they do, I'll let you know...


After smoking through a set at SUNY Purchase opening for Chicks on Speed, Donna Summer will play at the monthly show "Barrelled" at Tonic in NYC! Circle April 17th on your calendar!


"To All Methods Which Calculate Power", Donna Summer's Japanese Debut will be available on March 15th! We're all deleteriously happy here and hope for the best!

Albums by Braer Rabbit, The 4 Year Old Child, and 100 Year Old Man are all done! More info very soon!

Donna's almost finished on the Sonic Dragolgo remix. Believe it or not, it's even faster and more fucked up than the original!

I was finally able to catch up with the Centuries at a show they did the other night. Words cannot convey the shock of seeing them live! It looks like we'll make a real CD with them in the summer.


Lots of scuff is happening!

Had dinner with Mamet Irdel this week and heard some of his tracks for his upcoming release, 'The Half-life Of Mamet Irdel" And let me tell you it's high quality!

The First legit Dan Summer Full Length will be available on March 15!!!!! Go to electro-violence for details.

Speaking of Donna Summer, he's busy working on remixes for Interior on Little Fury Things records and Sonic Drogolgo on Klangkreig records.

Lastly, mp3's are now up!!! Download and trade with your friends, they're better than baseball cards!

Oh, next Donna Summer WFMU radio show will be March 2nd, 3-6 am EST.


Here's Georgio Mourner's top records of 2001, sort of...

The debut of the collaboration between Donna Summer and Poet Alan Gilbert is tomorrow at Halcyon in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. Send an e-mail if you want the details. I promise it'll be good. Besides Halcyon has cookies and tea! (so you visit will be worth your time)


This year's kicking serious ass already!

Our friend MASAKATSU from electro-violence is starting a label called OMEKO. He writes:


He only writes in caps, but we think he kicks ass anyway. He also says:


How cool is that? Anyway, he's asked me to do a CD for OMEKO. We think it'll come out in March/April.

Also our friend Markus at Enduro is putting together an all MP3 album in a month or two, one of the newer Donna Summer tracks, "Vader over me", will be on it. There's some more stuff too, but I don't want to spoil any surprises.

Here's a set list from my last wfmu experience. It got downright evil as it crept into the later hours...

Also the first real live lap top performance is next week (Thursday, Jan. 17) at Halcyon. It's the Poetry collaboration that I've doing with my friend Alan Gilbert. I think it'll be good...


Oh, and Holy shit! the first Cellular Lifestyles CD by The Computers is now available!!!!


Donna Summer does a DJ shift during humane hours! On Wednesday, January 9th, from 11pm-2am, Donna Summer will broadcast his usual assortment of experimental, breaks, electro-acoustic, and shit-rock music on WFMU (www.wfmu.org). You can hear that in the New York City area on 91.1 and 90.5, and on the Internet in real time. You can always send an e-mail to: donnasummerwfmu@hotmail.com to ask questions, etc.

He's also doing a collaboration with poet Alan Gilbert at noted DJ/coffeshop/hangout Halcyon in Carol Gardens, Brooklyn. That's on January 17, a Thursday, and it's a true collaboration where Alan's poetry is manipulated in real time and augmented by donna's noises. On the whole, it's more relaxed, but every now and again, it gets ugly.


I've just posted loads of reviews in the Superficial Dragon reviews section. Please feel free to comment back to me, or even start writing and sending them in. Any sort of review will be considered. Really, on any subject at all.


Christmas is here in NYC, and we're looking forward to the new year. It looks like some big news will be posted after the 1st. (Just don't want to spoil anything yet...)

I've posted my top 15 records of 2001 here. Please feel free to send an e-mail and tell me just how wrong I am.

The new series of CDR's from tons of people called Cellular Lifestyles, is also fast approaching. Will start making them after the first.

I've got a lap top now, so I'm looking forward to start booking some gigs. Send an e-mail if you're interested.


The advance response to the Newish CD "Belligerent Super Vision" is very positive, which fuels our desire to get some real material out there but quick! At this point the much promised 12" between Donna Summer and Georgio Marauder will probably be released in late January. If for some reason you're curious for a taster from the B.S.V. CDR send an e-mail and we'll get one out to you quick-like.

Mrs./Mr. Summer has been DJing some more at WFMU. You can E-mail him here at donnasummerwfmu@hotmail.com


Gosh, I can't believe it's been this long since I updated this puppy. There's lots to cover. Donna Summer has a new CD-R available in extremely limited quantities. It's "Belligerent Super Vision" and contains all new material in a new and vastly improved style. Sure there are lots of hardcore breaks, but what's more is the defining vision of all things cock rock disco! Samples range from Kurtis Blow to Georgio Moroder, Styx to Scorpions to Clash and so much more. It's a true blend of all sorts of processed and collaged sounds to yield some sort of new experimental digital rock form.

All you rad Japanese cats can now get our recordings through Breakcore Records in Osaka Japan! visit their site: www.electro-violence.com


The Airwaves will never be safe again! Donna S. has been cruelly drafted by WFMU (www.WFMU.org) to play occasional slots this fall. If all works out he'll have a regular show by the early summer. Check back for links to his archived realplayer shows!

The Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap show is officially down in Atlanta. The exhibitions site has been updated with tons of new Picts including shots of each artists works. There's also a snap from the Eyedrum show with Ian Epps and Dan Walsh here.

Don't worry the Donna Summer / End 12" will be released soon. Charles is just finishing his stuff up while we raise a little cash.

As always, don't be afraid to drop a line and say howdy: forray1000@aol.com


Lots of updates to the website. There's a new Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap section, that details an art show that happened down in Atlanta Ga. a few weeks back. There's more to come with that, but for the meanwhile, please do take a look at the essays written by some really kick-ass folks. Oh, and things are brewin' for CRD's first Vinyl release!


Luckily None of our friends have been hurt or killed in the World Trade center Tragedy. It' really amazing that he death-toll numbers are below 10,000. I know that seems difficult to believe, but that area is so packed with people on a daily basis. It's downright amazing that thousands of people were able to get out, some from as far up as the 91st floor. New York City is completely captivated by this calamity. Even the arty types are transfixed. In fact I've received emails for food drives, etc. from all sorts of people in the art and music communities. I started to work on some more music, but lost interest after awhile. Maybe tomorrow will be better.


Today I personally watched a commercial jet slam into the side of the World Trade Center. These two towers would crumble to the ground within an hour. It's hard to believe what I saw, and it's very difficult to contextualize what this means. Obviously music becomes less of a priority...


Just got back from Atlanta! Stay tuned for pictures of the art show that Jason Forrest/Donna Summer organized, "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheep" at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center. A very small mentioned appeared in the Sunday, 9-9-01, section of the New York Times Arts Section (pg. 78) More to come on the show in a nested mini-site!


It's on!

Sept. 31 Eyedrum in Atlanta Ga. Dan Walsh, Ian Epps and Donna Summer!

We're going to do 3 short-ish solo sets, and then recombine for an improv set. Who knows what it'll sound like, but odd's are Dan and Ian will be great!!! Recordings and photos of the event will be up soon!


If your reading this, odds are you obtained one of the Cock Rock Disco releases.

CRD was born in July of 2001. Two releases are in production with several vinyl and CD-R releases on the burners. Here are some teasers:

Jennifer Ray "Rockin 98.5"- an all out assault of collaged rock radio self advertisements. You know the ones, the REALLY crazy stuff. But it's cut together fast, and really obnoxious. Normally Jennifer only likes 80's music, and NYC band Centuries.

Georgio Marauder (AKA END) (AKA Charles Peirce)- He's working on an album with Speedrach in the UK for Planet Mu. He's a fucking Genius, and makes really fucked up songs that sound like Martin Denny on 78rpm.

James Dawson-Hollis "Selections from Negative Records" - He's a visual artist, and for one installation he made a series of "negative records". By this I mean that he cast records with high pressure eurathane, and played the casts that he made, so that each of the grooves becomes adjacent to each other. They sound totally strange. Technical info will be included.