1 harpsi-prince HRPSCRD 07:33

2 heavy rolands and arps 06:00

3 big work 04:14

4 keys 02:30

5 dirt clod war 04:35

6 vader over me 03:42

7 crushed Pop 05:18

8 Gorgon 02:22

9 red stripes rotating 01:07

10 dreize cassette 04:48

11 black thrashing silos 03:24

12 thank you, throbbing! 04:22

13 anytime uzi 04:55

Belligerent Super Vision

Donna Summer

A collection of new sample heavy songs, strong with rock flavor, but corrupted many times over through DSp and breakcore!

One of the real challenges of a label such as this is to try to create something "new", something that tries to bundle all of our interests into one semi-coherent package. While this may not be THE answer it's seems to be on the right track. Imagine semi-equal parts electro acoustics, arena rock style guitars, lots of hard breaks, and a good measure of rump-shaking, late-seventies disco. Oh, and there's plenty of raw noise too.

Will probably be issued on vinyl- consider this a sneak peak!

Super limited!!! Made by request!

CDR available for $8 dollars postage include. Want one? send an email!