...to this, the very first edition of Superficial Dragon!

This publication that you hold in your grimy little hands is probably the most ephemeral piece of trash to ever stain a computer screen. It contains articles that were drummed up in an attempt to fill these precious pages with something, anything really. In fact I have only the vaguest notion of why, a this very moment, I'm feverishly hacking away at my keyboard with the precision of a Tyrannosaurus Rex with it's three dainty claws on each hand. (See, I only really type with three fingers on one hand and two on the other, I mean, I do pretty good for my self being that I use such a Mesozoic approach to keymanship, but heh.)

Anyway, this started out as a zine published (xeroxed) in NYC in late 2000. Now it's morphed into a webzine for CRD. I'll try really hard to post new stuff as often as possible. I know that there will even be a series of poems posted by my rock solid friend Alan Gilbert.

But the fact remains that you are holding this, for some reason or another. These strange, often supernatural forces at work seem to pull these disparate threads together forming some kind of network which binds individuals of equally disparate circumstances, backgrounds, and futures. It's actually quite funny, if you think about it. The very same routes of distribution that brought you here could have just as easily taken you to an obsure 7" record, research on an arcane topic, or even a new puppy.

Huh, guess you lost out on that one.

Thanks anyway. -Jason Forrest