Jason Forrest is an electronic musician working in a variety of forms. His sample-based music has been a pioneering force in the experimental music community, and he has been credited as being a pioneer in the emergence of the Breakcore genre.

Currently he has 3 active musical projects. As "Jason Forrest" he continues his sample-pop music and is in the final process of completing his 5th full-length album to be called "Friday Night's Alright." It's a light-hearted party-album continuing in the vein of his critically acclaimed album "Shamelessly Exciting". More news on this as plans are confirmed.

With "The Jason Forrest Band" he joins Ethan Shaffner and Elisabeth King to form a post-funk/hiphop-prog rock power trio. They have been touring a lot, and are now working on new material for their debut recording.

After ripping up a bunch of parties and mini-Dj sets @ Wasted (more on this below) Forrest brought back the time-tested "DJ Donna Summer" moniker. With this hat on, he focuses on party music of all types. He's already created a stir being blogged on Trash Menagerie, Le Decadanse, Slutty Fringe and Mad Decent. And in Feb 2008, he'll release "Panther Tracks", his first record in 2 years and first as Donna Summer in 5 years.

Jason Forrest currently resides in Berlin with his wife Jen Ray. He has released records in the US, UK, EU, and Japan. He has been featured in many periodicals* all over the world. Somehow he has played on 4 continents and many, many shows around the world garnering him a large international audience along the way. His live shows involve much bad dancing, possibly some blood, and a few shattered laptops.

The fantastic War Photographer video by Joel Thrussell was named video of the year by Res magazine 2006, and top 5 by Pitchfork media. We think (conservatively) it's been downloaded about 500,000 times! The "Steppin Off" video directed by the legend Jon Watts was also named video of the year by Res magazine, 2005.

He began the Cock Rock Disco label in the summer of 2001 and also is host of the Advanced D&D radio program on WFMUfm, in NYC. In 2005 he co-founded the Wasted festival with Pure and in conjunction with Club Transmediale. To date they have thrown 5 editions in 2 countries with more parties to come. The focus for the festival focuses on breakcore and all the other forms of music that shares the same energy and reckless enthusiasm.

*such as Entertainment Weekly, Blender, German Rolling Stone, Muzik Express, Spin, XLR8R, Urb, De:Bug, Crash, Muzik, Trax, The Village Voice, Res, Go Mag, Style and The Family Tunes, The Wire, Grooves, Gonzo Circus, Grooves, and Vice.

For more info on his albums:

"Shamelessly Exciting" by Sonig records. You can also find it at our webshop for only $8 with 2 exclusive tracks!

"The Unrelenting Songs Of The 1979 Post Disco Crash" by Sonig records.You can also find it at our webshop for only $8 with 2 exclusive tracks!

In-depth audio interview with JF/DS on CBC's Brave New Waves.

Hilarious radio feature on JF/DS by Sweden's National Radio P3 show Musikjournalen.


Cool interview JF did for a French online channel Great 8 minute section from a live show in France!


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"War Photographer" Video by Joel Trussell

Now available in ipod format!!! here!!!

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"Steppin Off" Video by Jon Watts

"Big Outragious Sound Club" by Corey Smith


Dj Donna summer: Rock Rock Rock - 320 Mp3 new!!

Fauvist-Respoke from the Lady Fantasy 12"-only Ep

Nightclothes and Headphones -from Shamelessly Exciting, featuring Laura Cantrell

Respect The Cock- from White Cock 2, CRD 12"white label

Sperry and Foil- internet version, from Lady Fantasy EP

Spectacle To Refute All Judgments - from "Post Disco Crash"

Dragonattack unreleased, from 2002

Bleak Prometheus unreleased, from 2002

High Res press photos here

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