We Are The Newest Battle Models - Cd/12"

Slepcy are Piotr Kurek and Marcin Stefanski from Poland. They started making music with just a Casio Rapman and a gemini mixer with 30 sec sample memory. Their music blends opera with breakcore, synth-pop, jazz, hardcore-noise and who knows what.They did some fucking brilliant records for Koop.POP, Ambush Records and Suburban Trash Industries which you should spend your last days trying to find.

We guarantee you that their debut CRD release, "We are the newest battle models" will leave you all speechless. It's a truly unique record that matches brutality with melodies that stick in your head, but in a really cool way.

Hear their track on the Free Mp3 comp!

Here's a SUPER-GREAT live set from these guys! It has a few tracks from the album on it, as well as some unreleased stuff. It's a great snapshot of what these truly innovating artists are up to: