Ravecore Anthems

a co-release with Death$ucker records

Yeah motherfuckers! The most awesomest ravecore tracks you have been dying to get are finally OUT ON VINYL!!! Our friends at Death$ucker helped us get this ultra-loud mastered vinyl out there and kicking ass! This 3-track burner features teh amaizng "punching" which was featured on our last free Mp3 compilation, and the equally awesome "Fucked" and "Bassbins". WOW!


Pisstank runs the fantastic Irritant Records label that then "Donna Summer" got his big start from. he was supposed to release "Drunk on Cock", which then morphed into "Very Pleasure" by our main man Duran Duran Duran. But in addition to running this most fantastic of record labels, he also made extreme breakcore nosie shit for years and years before that.

So anyway, "Mr. Forrest" ran into Andy Pisstank in Norway this summer, and learned he had returned to making music. Jason heard a track, and knew it was (in his terms) 'Cock Rock-able'.

Hear his track on the Free Mp3 comp!