"Belly" the Debut Full-length from Food For Animals out SOON! Co-released with Hoss records


Some words (ok a lot of words) from Vulture Voltaire:

Food For Animals started pretty nonchalantly. Ricky gave me this cd-r (I believe it said "RICK RAB" in some shitty permanent marker on it). He wanted to release a Ricky Rabbit CD of his stuff but wanted me to rhyme on one of the songs. So we jammed to it and it was the shit, so we started making more songs. These formerly noise tracks turned into songs one by one, and after about a year or so, we had what would become "Scavengers". By this point we lived together in Takoma Park, MD with the good Dr. Daniel Helmer, who recorded the vocals and helps us play live because we are kind of tech bozos and he plays some mean washy guitar parts.

Then shit started to get weird, we got kicked out of our house by our joke ass landlord who had a dog with three legs, I went to Europe (with Jason from Manhunter but not Ricky or Dan, because of their schooling) to play shows and buy records, I came home, my mother and then my grandmother both passed away, and then I did a 30 day US tour (again with Jason). The shows were great, but shit was pretty intense. I came home and my family did the whole memorial service thing twice. I didn't really write any lyrics for awhile. Beats started to pile up. I hung out (a lot, thank goodness) with my brother, who had quit school for the semester.

Around summer time I had a new job working with six year old El Salvadorian kids who liked to give hugs for no reason and run around acting crazy, so inspiration followed pretty quickly. Somehow, the beats got more funky, I think mostly due to Nick (Ricky) getting into bass drums. I started listening to a LOT of Outkast, acid house, disco, etc. I also started hanging out with HY (aka Sterling Warren of MD), we wrote a song together for Food For Animals called "Bulk Gummies" and now he plays any shows that he can with us. He's fucking sick. I wrote a ton of lyrics after having not done so for awhile. We did some demos with our man in Brooklyn, Harris Klahr (who also goes as "president" when he makes beautiful music) at his Feather Factory studio which is next to an all-Polish video store and some ill pizza.

Then I went on tour again (this time with Ethan from Muckamuck Produce handling the music; notice how we're malleable?) all the way up to Montreal, Canada, where we got drunk in the street. My brother and his people came up, it was wonderful.

When we got home, Nick, Dan, and I started recording vocals for all these new beats. We're still working on it, but we're excited about where these songs are going: Zapp samples, double time shit, hooks, collaborations. And we still sound like everything we listen to happening at the same time.
--Vulture V

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