Lazer Thrash

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WOW! It's HERE! After literally years in the making, it's HERE! Lazer Thrash is probably one of the most insane electronic releases ever, with mind-bending speed beats supporting a more musical and (dare we say) even tender Dev'Null. Here's what Igloo has to say about it:

Anyway, if you have ever come across a Dev/null track, you should instantly recognize his style that could be easily described as editcore or skipcore: loops are accelerated and rewound, there are sudden jumps from a break to another, with harsh drums coming from nowhere and disappearing like phantoms. "Hiphop2" actually cheats on you, beginning with a simple texture before morphing hip-hop into a savage mess of sliced beats. Once started, the sound mangling won't let you breathe fot the entire record, racing faster and faster and drowning into these rhythmic jungle 8-bit melodies ("Real Ultimate Power"), horror-like soundtracks ("Goblin"), soft keyboards ("Track 7") and even an epic surrounding full of strings (the more than beautiful "Banal Universe").

Pete totally wrecks shit live too. He's up to do some shows, and you need to book him. Email us to get his contact.


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