As you know, we consider ourselves to be pretty open minded around these parts, and yes, this means we now both listen to - and love- Trance! Why you ask? Because of this man right here. DJ Technorch showed us the way to love some of the best music on earth. How can you dislike huge kick drums, massive synths, and killer breakdows and buildups so high, it's as if heaven itself is having an orgasm!

But anyway, Dj Technorch is one of the younger stars of the amazing Japanese Trancecore scene. His music is definitely based in Trance, Gabba, Schranz, and Hardcore. (Hell, he's probably got some hardstyle in there too.) He's making some of the very best dance music around, and it's fucking EPIC!

We released his amaizng "Boss On Parade" track as apart of the Maddest Chick'N Dom 12" #1, and people literaly peed their pants when they heard his hard-techno mashup of 80 tracks!!!Shit, here it is again, if you never heard it before:


And here's 2 MORE tracks of J-core action!!!!



His full-length will be probably mid-2008.