White Cock 1

Ed from DDD said: "Here's a track from Xano, its fucking insane."

Jason said: 'Holy shit, we should do a white label, but lets do it RIGHT NOW."

"Cool, I have a track..."

"who else is online?"

"Uh, well, 'The Knife'..."

"Ask him if he has a track for a white label, but he has to send it this second!Hahaha"

Ed types for a minute.

"Yeah, he's down, ok, here it is..." And they listened to it until about half way through they said in unison."Holy Fuck!"

First in a series. Comes with 2 stickers and a A4 size poster, which is amazing. 300% party tracks. Vinyl only.. maybe we compile on a cd.. who knows, better get it now. In stores only.


Knife Hand Chop - Tutti Fruity Booty (Hardcore remix)
Jason Forrest- Congressman Muldoon
Xanopticon -elfuckin vibes
Duran Duran Duran- Only the emperor can drink your essence

+Scratch samples!!!