“Live And Regret”
Vrock008 / Crock-mp3-018

Sometimes there's just a sound that clicks with a given time period. Ladies and gentlemen, let me present you "Live And Regret" by Drumcorps. 4 brutal grind-breakcore hybrid tracks which hit HARD while still maintaining a high level of musicality; and even have a touch of dancefloor for good measure. Wow.

On this release we also see Drumcorps elevating his craft beyond just merely remixing by adding quite a lot of original guitar and processing. Of course he's also the current master of the Amen, and some of these tracks are also like a punch in the gut when that bass kicks in. But on the whole we consider these tracks becoming more and more "original" (what's that anyway?) with samples getting smaller and more fractured.

This release will also see the Mp3 version to be the first CRD release to come complete with Ableton Live file markers to aid in Mp3 DJing, and Traktor markers will be available soon too.


- Down / Botch Up And Die

- Terrible Things / Forgive and Forget

Drumcorps amazing new LP "Grist" available in the fall CD/12"/Mp3