“Lazer Thrash”
Release date: March 32


Want to hear it? Album streams and live video:

FINALLY, after 3 years in the making and countless hours of programming, the debut full-length release by Dev/Null is finally here. Actually Cock Rock Disco was founded to release Pete Cassin AKA Dev/Null's record back almost 2 years ago.

Lazer Thrash is probably one of the most advanced electronic albums ever created in our opinion, somehow musical and friendly while literally breaking the speed barrier of what is possible. Cassin throws in references to everything from grindcore to classic rave; chip tunes, space-jazz and doom metal all having a space in his strange musical world.

This rare and special uniqueness in Dev/Null's sound has already won him a huge number of underground fans. He's probably one of the best-known breakcore producers even though he has a limited release history. But he holds a new special place as being one of the most downloaded new producers shared world wide via P2P networks. We're proud to finally release this amazing- dare we say ground breaking- debut release from our friend Dev/Null, and we feel you'll be a fan too when you give it a listen.

Mp3 clips online SOON!