“White Cock 1-4 CD comp"
Release date: Nowish

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Blue tracks are sound samples!!
White Cock #1
1. Knifehandchop- Tutti Fruity Booty (Hardcore Remix)
2. Jason Forrest - Congressman Muldoon
3. Xanopticon- Elfuckin Vibes
4. Duran Duran Duran- Only The Emperor Can Drink Your Essence
5. scratch samples
White Cock#2
6. Jason Forrest- Respect The Cock
7. Dev/Null- LCDNB
8. Warst- Mutha Fuckin Noize Show
9. Duran Duran Duran- The Sick Generation
10. scratch samples
White Cock #3
11. Bong Ra - Skeletor
12. Terminal 11- Nobody Does It Like You
13. Deacon Boombastardizer- Active Versatile
14. Jason Forrest- 2 for 1 special
15. scratch samples
White Cock #4
16. Sickboy- DL Rocker
17. DJ Rainbow Ejaculation- Time To Call In The Carpet Cleaning Professionals
18. Society Suckers- I Don't Give A Fuck
19. The Assdroids- Daft Crunk
20. Jason Forrest -Spider Skyscraper
21. scratch samples

We came up with the idea for making the first White Cock 12" in about 10 minutes. We figured everyone loves party records and called on some of our friends, not just our own label artists, to produce them fast and cheap. Now this Cd celebrates the first 4-White Cock 12"s releases and it contains all the stuff that they have, except for the strange posters. All the scratch samples are included, even the first one which somehow got all corrupted when we uploaded it. Our hope is that you play this Cd loud and dance around with your friends and get drunk and have fun.