“We Are The Newest Battle Models”
Release date: April11

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Occasionally there will be an album that defines an exact moment. “We Are The Newest Battle Models” is one of them.

The duo of Piotr Kurek and Marcin Stefanski, Poland’s Slepcy have been solidly working on electronic music that has always been unusually iconoclastic, with a few limited released (such as DJ Scud’s Ambush records, Kool.Pop, and Suburban Trash Industries) that always incited rapid fandom. These releases ranged from the most brutal noise to brooding symphonic masterpieces, always flirting with a sophistication that was rarely present in underground music.

They have been pretty quite for the last few years working slowly on what will surely be their masterwork. An infectious album full of warm melodies with nods to Opera, Synth-pop, Jazz all underpinned by inventive beats, “We Are The Newest Battle Models” is not merely another safe electronic record. No, there’s a harsh side to all this sweetness and pop, and just like Pink Floyd, Squarepusher, Sonic Youth, and Swans, they are unafraid of punching the listener in the face with some of the harshest hardcore there is. But this is precisely the appeal with Slepcy, you get both worlds and often at the same time.

And this delicateness, this refinement of all aspects of their music must not be overlooked. Slepcy’s music operates on the razor’s edge between melody and noise, between Pop and Breakcore, between order and chaos but somehow always manages to stay focused.