Terminal 11
Illegal Nervous Habits

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Do you remember when you used to actually LIKE "experimental electronic music"? Yeah, it's been a long time, and IDM's rotting corpse has been bloating in the sun for years. Well fuck al that. Terminal 11 is here, and his album is nothing short of a complete overhaul of computer music. Really, it's like hearing a drum machine for the first time. No, REALLY. We mean it. Somehow this fucker has done something so totally original, so compelling, and yet strangely emotional and HUMAN.

This last point should really be emphasised. We here at CRD think that somehow the human element got lost in this whole "IDM scene". Yeah, we like beats, we like computers, but at the same time, we know that everybody needs a hung sometimes. Music is made for PEOPLE, not just a representation of programming abilities. So here you have it then, Mr. Terminal 11 representing Phoenix Az. Honestly, we think this album is adorable, challenging, and it fucking kicks ass 350BPM style.