Post Disco Crash "Best of the year" stuff... what the Hell!!!!

Janet Jackson was #50... So Take that! HA HA HA HA!!!

A really nice surprise! Although I don't know if I consider myself a "lost cause"! HA!

Also, We're extremely happy to see that the fucking dude Jon Watts gets massive props in Res Magazine's best of the year for music videos:

Jason Forrest "Stepping Off"
Directed by Jon Watts
This amazing video touched a nerd-meets-decadence nerve that is too often overlooked, fusing Tolkien-esque imagery with Zeppelin style '70s rock excess. We first showed the video at our May 2004 LA screening, where it attracted the attention of some of the UK's top music video commissioners. From there, its director, Mr. Watts, was commissioned to shoot not one, but two videos for the legendarily creative video patron Fatboy Slim. In Slim's "Wonderful Night," a jaunty New York night on the town gets hairy when a man about town in spats and a tuxedo goes lycanthrope. The second Fatboy video, a rendition of Steve Miller's classic rock high school stoner anthem "The Joker," features a posse of newborn kittens on a trip to the big city to catch one of Slim?s shows. Expect big things from Watts and his New York-based cohorts at Waverly Films in 2005.

Congrats Jon/Waverly!!!


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